25 July 2010

International Delight

You know,  I really should just make this a food blog, considering the majority of my posts are food-focused!  I actually have ideas for a sweets blog in the making, but it's nowhere near ready to debut yet.  It may be many months before I get around to that.  This summer is flying by, and I think you'll agree with me that the best way to spend these incredible summer days is outside, not inside.  Unless it's over 100 degrees.  Which it is right now, here in this little "northwest" town called Boise.

I flew to Chicago recently to visit Jerry and Bernice and the little guys.  Bernice, as you all know, is a great cook and baker, and she fulfilled my "almond paste at a time other than Christmas?! cool!" and "wait, it's not banket?" musings by making some fabulous almond rolls.  Think cinnamon rolls, but with an almond filling instead.  So good!

Sitting in an American airport eating a Dutch food with Chinese utensils.

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