14 February 2010

Walking on (frozen) water

Mom's in town this weekend, and she has never been snowshoeing.  Perfect opportunity to drive her up the windy road to Bogus and show her what Idaho snow is all about.  :-)

Off to a good start.  Look at that pristine snow!

About a mile in.  What's that in your hand, Mom?  A phone?!  We aren't THAT lost...

About two miles in.  Oh happy day.  We actually *were* pretty lost... still on a trail, but not on the one we wanted, and headed in the wrong (read: would have taken us several hours to get back to the lodge) direction.  Thanks to some help from a guy with a Bogus jacket on and some trail-ditching on our part, we crossed a little ravine to get to the trail I knew - Streamside (in red).  Off we go.

I missed the opportunity to take pictures of mom sliding down the steepest hill (it was really fun! Like our own tube hill... only without tubes), but here's what the other side looked like.  This is where poles and the crampons on the bottom of your snowshoe really come in handy.

Finally nearing the lodge.  We had been out for over three hours, and it was starting to snow.  It was pretty, but I'm glad it didn't snow a lot while we were out in the back acres.  See the mountains in the distance?

At the top of the trail.

And then suddenly, sunshine!  A great end to a fun and adventurous afternoon.


GoodTimes said...

WOW! How beautiful! And it looks like you two had a fabulous time :) Wish I was there. We can snowshoe here, but I'm afraid the views are nothing in comparison. Marie... when money flows like the river does... I'm coming out!!

Marlene said...

Marie, what beauty!! I'm so glad you and your mom got to do some fun things together, the snowshoing looks like fun and who could NOT love the scenery, goergious!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Idaho, Great pictures!! Hopefully we can make it back for a visit.:) -Jerry