07 June 2009


Is this a flattering picture of me? Like a rotten banana it is. I hope none of my dear readers has geniophobia. But do I love it? You betcha. I was driving Meredith's car while she was in Boston, and yes Meredith, I loved the sunroof way, way too much. I'm having withdrawals.


Mere said...

wow! Didn't realize you had an addiction to sunroofs. You may come over and visit bumblebee and take him for a spin around the block this summer - so you don't have to quit your addiction cold turkey... after all it is not like I am moving away with him... or am I?? ;-)

GoodTimes said...

How did you ever learn the word geniophobia?? My brain would've came up with a meaning that has nothing to do with chins. I'll say no more. And then, how did you highlight it to give the reader a definition?? You're just too smart!