24 May 2009


Season One, Episode 1.

(This is soitenly not the first time I've mentioned my mental malfunctions (score! alliteration quadruple-play) on this blog for you to laugh at, and as sure as I am that there will be more, I've decided to make it a regular feature. Since, y'know, it... regularly... happens. Hm. Ok.)

Announcer Voice:
"This episode of "oops." is brought to you by... Synapse Failure, Inc.!"

I decided to sit outside in the sun, aka Nebuchadnezzar's Furnace, for a little while this afternoon to, as they say, "get out more". I haven't really spent any time outside in the last month except going back and forth to my car, because when it takes me 20 minutes just to do that (due to crutches), I feel like I've earned my 15 minutes of vitamin D for the day and I'm done. Also DONE, in the sense of "I'm DONE with this day!" Ok, you get it.
So I thought I would get outside, see if it taunted me too harshly or if I could stand the sight of the foothills calling my name. Unfortunately, vanity got the best of me as I basked in the outdoorsy glory. Not only did I choose to skip the sunscreen in favor of "a little color", but my brain also encouraged me to finish reading my new foodie magazine before I went inside, because if I were to stop now I would probably never get around to the rest of it, and it would lie neglected on the coffee table for a few weeks until I had people over and was forced to clear the decks in the typical frenzied manner. Long story short, my shoulders are now the color of June cherries and my nose rivals Rudolph's. Summer has officially begun in this whitey's back yard.
I was glad to see the clock inside only read 3pm, which meant I had 3 hours before leaving for evening service and therefore pleennnnty of time to clean up. I was excited about being able to make it to evening church for the first time my surgery, which was a month ago, and Pastor J had a great sermon prepared to start his series on the ten commandments.
For a few days, I had been meaning to wash the cloth lining of my post-surgery boot (be glad my brain doesn't skip those sorts of things), and I had time on my hands this afternoon. I threw it in the tub, washed it, wrung it out, and it was only when I was hanging it up to dry on the shower rod that I realized... wait, I have to wear this in order to wear my boot in order to leave the house in order to go anywhere, and I just made it sopping wet. And the instructions say specifically... Air dry only. Do not put in dryer or use other heat source to dry.


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