09 March 2009

Peanut Butter rice krispie bars

This is not an original recipe of mine, of course, but I did wing it by looking at several other recipes online. I'm not a big fan of rice krispie bars, but these are really great. I like them with chunky peanut butter, and you can also add roughly chopped unsalted peanuts to the mix.

Finally got the gooey, marshmallowy mix in the pan. That's an arm workout, man!

Finished product!
I would post a recipe, but this (or a variation of it) can be found in almost any cookbook. I simply posted the pictures to inspire you and make your mouth water. Nah-nah-naaa! :-)

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average joe said...

um.... i'm gonna have to come and visit soon, your food blogs are very um what is the word.....unhealthy for me.

i have to remember ( thy shalt not covet!)