05 September 2008

Happy Day

I received an email this morning from Sallie Mae, my student loan lender...

"Dear Margaret M Haveman:
Congratulations! This is your official notification that you have completely paid off the student loan [#1]. We are pleased to have had you as a customer and wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank you!"
Customer Service


I do have one other loan with them, but this is major progress, my friends.
So I celebrated by making a couple purchases tonight at Boise's annual Art in the Park. :-) Among other things, I got this:
my new maple syrup jug
My family always makes our own syrup at home, #1 because it's cheaper and #2 because we all like it better. We use maple extract in a simple syrup, and it turns out with a stronger maple flavor and thinner consistency than storebought. Once you make a batch, you need a place to put it, right? That's where this loverly jug gets to participate.
I go to Art in the Park every year, and I love the pottery. Vendors come from all over the northwest for this event, towing their handmade goods with them. Last year I got a hat from Hatterdashery. Previous years' treasures:
Real leaves embedded

I use these every day

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