15 September 2008

Go take a hike!

YAY! I finally got out there and boy did it start with a bang. I went hiking tonight for the first time since having foot surgery in March, and my friend Kim and I decided to tackle Crestline Ridge in Camel's Back, a 5+ mile loop. I feel great. My foot hurts a little, but nothing some ibuprofen and relaxation tomorrow won't fix. Coming out of the park and headed up the ridge, we passed a mixed group of adults and kids doing some mountain biking. A few of the kids looked like they were about 5, so this was definitely a training session. We kept passing each other on the trail as they stopped to take breaks and then caught up with us again. At one point the littlest guy told the adult behind him, "I can't pass those girls, they're going too fast." ha ha :-)

In other celebratory news, in spite of me losing the company-wide bakeoff last week at our annual picnic, apparently my coworkers feel the judges were incorrect:
Aren't they "sweet"?


NWTrucker said...

Way to go, Ri. On both getting out to hike again and being voted the number 1 baker in Boise. But then I knew your foot was better when you were cutting up the water at Lake Roosevelt.

Heather Hekman said...

That's great to have confirmation and encouragement!

Dan T said...

So Half Dome is next?