23 August 2008

Northwest Tour, Part 3: Lake Roosevelt

I couldn't show this picture until after Brad & Charlene's wedding, for fear of my life. Brad was not going to see The Dress, no matter how hard he tried to devise ways to get around the rule. :-)

From Vancouver Island, I ferried back over to Anacortes, where my cousin Henry picked me up. We headed out to Lake Roosevelt for some fun and sun with his parents and about 5 other families who go to the lake annually. Uncle Dennis and Aunt Jennie have been coming to Lake Roosevelt for 16 years! It certainly is a great place to vacation and spend time on the boat.
Every morning I would crawl out of my tent, head down to the full bathrooms (showers!!) and return to a breakfast of yogurt and fresh blueberries, compliments of Aunt Jennie. When everyone had finished breakfast and had their stuff together for the day, we would all pile into the pickup and drive the short mile down to the lake. All we had to do was unload the chairs, the ladder golf set, and our selves, and we were ready to go for the day! I would usually spend a half hour or so each morning laying out on the beach reading... it was so relaxing. Pretty soon it would get hot and we would start up the boats to go skiing, wakeboarding, "air-chair"ing, and tubing. One afternoon a group of us decided to go cliff-jumping. We drove to the little ferry dock (yes there is a small ferry that goes back and forth across the lake!), hopped on and 5 minutes later we were on the other side. I brought my camera and decided to stay down on the shore with Jocelyn, mainly as a cover for my cowardice--I wasn't really enthused about jumping from that height (bad childhood diving experience ha ha :-), but I was happy to take pictures of others doing it.
Philip followed the ferry over and let me cruise around on the jet ski for while
The Jumpers
Henry doing the helicopter
We got to see amazing sunsets almost every night

By the end of this trip, I had completely forgotten about my job and everything else back in Boise. That's a great kind of vacation--a real one! :-) It was a very relaxing, encouraging, and fun time. I loved seeing so many friends and family members I had missed for years. I wasn't ready to come home at the end, but it's still good to be here. I can't wait for next year. :-)

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