10 August 2008

Northwest Tour, Part 2: Duncan, B.C.

The view from the back of the ferry to Sidney, B.C.
Another ferry just like the one I was on.
See the kayakers in the background? My next day job.
My other day job.
Ay, matey!
Whatever floats your boat!
And... my third day job. They are all part time, see?
The Chapel at Shawnigan Lake boarding school. Charlene teaches flute here,
and this will be the site of Brad and Charlene's wedding ceremony.
Brad's (Charlene's!) SmartCar. Surprising amount of leg room!
Shawnigan Lake School grounds
The Happy Couple :-)
The old trestle bridge we explored
Back to front: Charlene's brother Steve, Charlene's friend Colin,
Charlene's fiance Brad, Charlene, me
Between the...ah...trestles? of the trestle bridge
Steve and Charlene down by the river under the bridge
Charlene contemplating whether she should move
before the dog shakes water on her again.
Charlene & Brad

We made 6 pans of boeterkoek for the wedding reception.

Charlene with curly hair and me with straight hair!

Thanks for a fun weekend Charlene!! The $115 was *so* worth it. :-)


Anonymous said...

"We made 6 pans of boeterkoek for the wedding reception."

*Gasp*! Boeterkoek! I LOVE boeterkoek. I've been craving it all summer, but it's too hot to make it. I had almost forgotten. I am going to go forth and make a huge pan of boeterkoek as mom gets some missing ingredients from the store!


Deb said...

When you getting your pilots license? Come pick us up!

Aunt Marlene said...

What a beautiful vacation you had!! Why didn't you invite your favorite aunt along?? HaHa!

Heather Hekman said...

What is Boeterkoek? Your vacation looked fun and beautiful!

Ri said...

Hi Heather! Boeterkoek is a Dutch treat made mostly from almond paste, butter, flour, and sugar... baked as bars in a pan. Same flavors present as in banket but in a different form. I bet Aunt Marlene has made it before. It's one of my favorites.