30 July 2008

Bonjour et Au Revoir

I don't really know if that title is grammatically correct. Because I'm not French.

Ok, so apologies for the lack of noise on the good ol' blog lately... summer is in full swing and I am busybusy. But this is me, saying Hi. The last 48 hours have included:

- meeting deadlines on several projects at work
- organizing two upcoming social events
- making vanilla bean gelato (I'm practicing for you Dad!) and vanilla extract (what in the world am I supposed to do now with a half bottle of vodka?!)
- the acquisition of a very rad new-to-me couch. Needs a little TLC, but believe me, this is red leather in the best sense of the word. words. whatever. More on that later.
- forgetting. remembering. forgetting again. about my nephew's upcoming first birthday
- last minute follow-ups on plans for this weekend
- a late-night run to the ATM (requiring the use of a parking garage! please say Boise isn't getting that big...) to get cash depleted by the couch-buying, so I can
- leave for Washington to go on vacation tomorrow morning

Yes I know, if I'm leaving tomorrow (early!) for vacation, and it's... uh... 10:47pm, what in the world am I doing up?! Well... there's this thing that happens I go on vacation. I can't sleep the night before. Call it excitement, whatever, I'm all sleepy and then once I finally get to bed, I can't sleep. So I figure I might as well stay up. However, when I got home from going to the ATM and realized I had left that precious vanilla bean gelato out on the counter (gasp), I think I had proof that I need some sleep.

So this is me, saying Goodbye. For now.

I will be back.

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