20 July 2008

2008 Twilight Criterium

Kristin Armstrong, third from the left, on the semi-outside
"The Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium was inaugurated in 1987 as a grassroots effort to create a premier cycling event that would attract more participants to the sport, provide an enjoyable family-oriented event for the community, and drive business for downtown merchants and restaurants by attracting people to downtown Boise. Enthusiasm and support for the race quickly grew after the first year- the electric atmosphere and fast-paced, high-stakes drama was a big hit with spectators and participants alike. Now, over 100 cyclists from around the world, including former Olympians and National Champions compete for the $20,000 purse in cash and merchandise. Today more than 20,000 boisterous spectators flock to the streets of downtown Boise to enjoy what has become one of Boise's major summer attractions, making it the 3rd best Criterium in the U.S. (ranked by VeloNews)."

Now I know nothing about cycling. Except that you pretty much have to have a bike to claim to be a cyclist, and too many miles = a pain in the rear. Despite my lack of knowledge/care about the sport, the Twilight Crit is exhilarating, year after year. Perhaps it has more to do with my obsession with speed than anything related to cycling. Last night's event was extra-special because Kristin Armstrong, a Boise native, came back to participate in the women's race before leaving for the Beijing Olympics in a week. Natives will always be the hometown favorite. And beating the competition by 2 whole laps doesn't hurt either.

Men's race, first corner. Watch the girl in the foreground almost get a complimentary nose job!

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