10 April 2008

It's Not Every Day You Get A Foot In The Mail

I opened the mailbox and what did I see?
A foot -with red toenails- staring right back at me!

*Inside of card reads: "Hope your day is toe-rific!"*

Thank you Uncle Keith, Aunt Margaret, Janine, Nate, Lorissa, and Renee, for the well wishes. Every time I see the card I think of you. :-)


Deb said...

Inquiring minds wanna know.....who's foot did you use for a pattern? Keith, Nate, Margaret, Lorissa, or Renee??? tee hee or should I say...toe hee hee

Anonymous said...

The foot pattern came from a box of templates for kids we've had forever. This is probably the first time I've ever used the foot, though. It's definitely not Nate's- that wouldn't fit in an envelope!