23 April 2008

10 lead balloons

Continuing the theme of this post...

Joe Carter:
"The following are ten fixtures of evangelism that I find particularly harmful. None of them are inherently pernicious (well, except for #10) but they have a tendency to be used in ways that are counterproductive to their intended purposes (emphasis mine)."

1) Making converts (instead of disciples)
2) The Sinner's Prayer
3) "Do you know Jesus as..."
4) Tribulationism
5) Testimonies
6) The Altar Call
7) Witnessing
8) Protestant prayers
9) The Church Growth Movement
10) Chick Tracts

I think Carter does a good (and often humorous) job of explaining that while most of these things are not inherently bad, they have been pushed to such limits that they don't serve their original purpose anymore.

See the rest here.

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