25 February 2008

Do You Like God?

"We don't always like what we love. And though we can act lovingly without heartfelt affection, we are fooling ourselves to think that a begrudging love is what we should settle for, or that it is, in fact, some kind of admirable 'martyr-love'. It may be the best we can do at times but it is not the best we can do.
So, given this love-like dilemma, I'm asking, do you like God? Odd question, eh? Perhaps that's part of what makes it worthwhile.
Asking 'Do you like God?' may help us see how restricted our view of God's love really is. 'Of course, I like God,' you say. 'How could I not? I love God.' Although this answer may very well represent a depth of commitment and affection that needs no challenge, it just might reveal a view of 'love' that looks a lot like 'duty'."
~Gregory Spencer, via Boundless, 2007

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