25 February 2008

Breaking and Entering

No I'm not a felon yet. I know you had your hopes up about sampling some of the prison food.

My friends and I were trying to check on an empty house owned by my parents, but we couldn't get inside. It went something like this:

Scene 1: Front door
Ri [trying to unlock the front door]: Well, I have two keys. But they're exactly the same. And they both fit the deadlock but not the door handle. What do we do now?
Meredith: [worried look] You don't have other keys?
Ri: No, the management company didn't send the others.
Meredith: Well that was nice of them.
Ri: Let's go around to the back yard. [Trying to get the fence unlocked, but it's very tall] Stacy, you're taller than me, and this gate is super-tall, can you reach this?
Stacy: Sure. [Tries to open gate. Meanwhile Ri calls her dad.]
Ri: Dad, the management company only gave me the keys for the deadbolt. So we can't get in the house, but we're trying to get through the gate.
Mom in the background: You're going through the people-gate, right?
Ri: What people-gate? There's a people-gate? Oh, it's on the OTHER side....
Scene 2: Backyard
[Stacy, Meredith and Ri peer through the windows of the house to check for damage from previous tenants, after getting over their shock at the number of missing roof shingles.]
Ri: Man, I wish we could get in there. I really want to see if things were cleaned up after the last time I was here.
Stacy: Where there's a will there's a way. Hey, which direction should the window latch be facing for it to be locked?
Meredith: Oh no.
Stacy: I think this window is open! [Tries to pry window screen off.]
Ri: Ummm.... Stacy..... if we break anything we have to pay for it.
Stacy: Oh I've done this SO many times...
Meredith: Uh-huh. She has.
Ri: Well there looks like there's a gap at the top of the screen, so let's push it up and maybe we can get it out without breaking it.
[Stacy successfully pulls the screen off and opens the window.]
Stacy: Ta-da!!
Ri: Who's going to climb in there and how?
[Stacy and Meredith both look at Ri, then offer to hold her feet so she can climb in. Ri shrugs her shoulders.]
Scene 3: Inside the house
Ri [On the phone with Dad]: Hey Dad, guess what? I just broke into your house!
Dad: Well that's just what I've always wanted to hear...


Meredith said...

Oh my goodness this story was better reading it then actually being there...I am still laughing!
You have failed to mention what happened two weeks prior to us actually breaking into the house in day light...lets just say that there was an unmarked car, 2 girls in black, one in high heals who helped the irrigate the grass and the other with a large flashlight...and that is all I can say...

Jessica said...

hmmmm.... irrigating the grass and breaking and entering eh? I think you Idaho girls are pretty crazy ;)

Ri said...

Mere did you mean "aerating"? I think she meant she aerated the grass... with her high heels! :-)

Meredith said...

Yes, that is what I meant...words and I don't go well together most of the time, let alone the fact that it was way past my bedtime when I made that post. Thanks Ri for the clarification :)

Lisa Haveman said...

ha! What a fun and crazy time :) Marie, you're SO expressive and how did you remember the exact words and conversation to your story when you can't even remember what vacation you took last week! hee hee luv ya!