14 February 2008

Birthday Weekend, Day 4

Day 4: Monday, February 4

Lisa was planning on packing up the kids and going home by now, but instead she woke up to find Casey in her parents' living room at 6 in the morning! He had driven up from Nevada to drive them home himself. But as you can see, the weather had other plans, so we made it into a snow day...

The cutest niece in the world. I'm allowed to say that because 1) she's awfully cute, and 2) she's my only niece. Here she is getting ready to pummel somebody with a big mean snowball.

We pulled off somewhere halfway up the mountain and started to make our own sled hill. The fun part of making your own hill is that.... it's your own. The not-so-fun..*ahem* challenging... part is actually making the sled hill. Which means trudging up in deep soft snow multiple times. About 20 times by the end of the day. Should have brought my snowshoes.

"Let's hear it from the top!"
Casey taking Kiddo 1 down the hill. Check out those great clouds.
Lisa and Kiddo 2.

Casey and his cargo. I gotta say the knee board was a great idea--way faster than tubes. Especially going down backwards. Which I never would have thought of if Casey hadn't told me to do it.

I had such a great birthday weekend!

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Lisa Haveman said...

great pictures! Yep, we sure did have a great day... I'm so happy you and Anya could go with us!!