10 February 2008

Birthday Weekend, Day 3

Day 3: Saturday, February 2

Snowshoeing at Bogus Basin...

It was Anya's first time going snowshoeing. After getting adjusted and tromping around the road area for a while, we decided to climb a hill "to see what was on the other side". We were actually looking for the trail.

We huffed and puffed our way up, falling only twice each in the hip-high soft snow...

and finally I reached the top with Anya close behind. We got a majestic view of.... cars.
Turns out it was another road-side parking lot on the way up to Pioneer Lodge. So much for finding a trail. So we just turned around and enjoyed the view instead.

Eventually we got down off the hill without sliding onto someone's hood. We drove up around the corner to the lodge, but by that time the wind had kicked up and it felt like frozen sand blasting your ears. Time to head home and get ready to go out to dinner with Lisa and Meredith.

Tonight's feature movie will be continued after a short commercial break...

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