09 January 2008

Good times

are always to be had in Cali!

Dad and I always take a bike ride when I'm in CA. This time we took 132 by the river, then north and east through Ripon. Perfect weather...

We got to visit Grandma several times:

Anya came by on her way south on Christmas. Anya and I met several years ago when she was rooming with my sister-in-law Bernice and she and Bernice came to visit me at school. I don't know anyone more friendly than Anya!

Leitha and I are old friends who met when we were about 10... our families went camping together by the ocean and we were little buddies for a week. After that, I don't think we ever talked again until we ran into each other at Modesto Junior College. What a coincidence! *Not really* :-) We lost touch again the next year when she and I went to the same college in southern California, but I was on campus and she was in Israel. A few months ago we found each other on facebook, called a truce on our wandering ways and have been friends ever since. Yes, in real life as well as facebook.

We got to hang out for a while, but unfortunately I didn't get pictures of our crazy antics when we went ice-skating. You should have seen us, we were true professionals, doing twirls and jumps! Well Leitha was anyway... :-) This picture was in the State Theater after we saw Bella. A great movie, by the way.

Three generations.

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