04 November 2007

My black thumb is showing signs of green

Sister-in-law B introduced me to the Joys of Gardening. Similar to introducing me to the Joys of Cooking. You know, B, you should really write a few books.
Anyway, I still had $20 left on that ever-living Home Depot gift card that I won in a contest at my old job. Old, as in, I won this card 2 years ago. Thank goodness they don't have expiration dates. Seeing as how renting an apartment prevents you from fulfilling all those Home Depot dreams you have involving colorful paint and decorative tile and other typically permanent items, I decided to use it on plants. I bought rosemary, lemon verbena, and a huge terra cotta pot last summer. The herbs promptly died when I went on vacation for a week and then really died for good when it got cold outside. So I purchased a miniature rose to fill their spot. Still had $10 left over. I do not want this card taking up space in my wallet any more! Ok, these two are on sale, I'll give them a try.
On the left is a Japanese fern in a flower pot my Grandma used to own, and on the right is a Northern Lights grass in my pot.

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