05 August 2007

Pyromaniacs, strawberry lemonade, and cops

Kuna had its annual Kuna Days Festival on Friday night, so a few of us drove over to see the fireworks in the evening. Just like the Fourth of July! They were great. Sadly, Le Camera escaped his pen and stayed home. I really wished he had come along when they started letting off those big bomb-like explosions that shoot from the ground. We could feel the heat from 50 yards away. On the way out there, we stopped at the best place in Boise to get a slushy *Sonic!* and I relished the full cup of strawberries and lemons at the bottom for the next three hours. And a stop at Sonic wouldn't be complete without tots. Gotta have the tots. We had a bit of drama on the way home with a hit and run (thankfully not our vehicle) and subsequent chase and showdown with 7 cops. As my backseat passenger said, "This is better than TV!"
An exciting weekend, all in all. :-)

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