28 August 2007

The last few drops of August

Sorry I haven't posted in a while everyone! If it makes you feel any better, the new shoes haven't seen the light of day yet either. But that will change in a few short minutes, as soon as I'm done eating my ice cream.
I made irish cream ice cream last weekend for a group of friends (which all of you know about already because you make up my 3-person strong reader base) and it is just so good. Most of the goodness has to do with the base recipe, and less to do with it being irish cream. BUT, irish cream always makes everything taste better, right?
I also discovered the blog of a young man named Ian who was in a severe car wreck last fall. He and his family are Christians, and the blog is an incredible example of how God uses adverse circumstances in our lives for our ultimate good. He still remains in a coma, after almost 11 months, and his family never gives up on him or God. He had been dating a girl named Larissa, and even though they weren't married, they were planning on getting engaged soon. Many people told her to move on with her life when Ian came home from the hospital with brain damage, but she's stayed by his side every day, praying for a full recovery. You have to read it yourself: www.prayforian.blogspot.com.
I've also been cooking a few things... Mexican cornbread with corn, cheese and chili flakes. That was pretty good, but a bit spicy because I accidentally tipped the chili jar too far. Everything is remedied with a little maple syrup and a glass of cold milk. I also made chicken pot pie, which I will continue to eat for the next 4 days. Good thing it was a low-fat recipe. And I left the topping off and instead baked up some of those reduced-fat crescent rolls. They are SO good. mmm... thinkthink.... I also made date-walnut muffins. Mixed results on these. They are very dense, very nutty, and great for breakfast! Just not 3 days in a row. :-/
It amazes me how I used to read so much when I was younger, literally several books a week, and now I can barely fit in a few books a year it seems. So with cold weather coming up I'm getting a head start on my book stack and starting off with Knowing God by J.I. Packer. I started it in college (required reading!) and never finished it. I did pass the test though. Funny how that was my M.O. throughout school. How did I do it? The test fairies were with me.

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